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Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre

The centre introduced a range of healthier food and drink options to supplement their existing range. They made some simple changes to the preparation of hot foods such as toasted sandwiches and hamburgers to make them more nutritious choices.

The centre wanted to offer a healthy food service to support their goal of enhancing the wellbeing of the local community. The centre provides quality fitness,

recreational, aquatic and leisure facilities and now also a healthy café menu.

“We felt we had a responsibility to the community to offer healthy food at our café” said Café owner and manager, Bob Griffiths.

“We have largely based our menu on the traffic light system. Through some small and easy changes we have made big improvements to the nutritional value of the foods and drinks we offer”

“We have a lot of children buying a snack after their swimming lessons, but we are now also seeing a lot of the mums and dads purchasing healthier options for themselves.”

“My thoughts were that the healthy eating choices would replace the conventional choices over a period of time with little or no impact on revenue. What we are seeing is people who eat only healthy (food) buying more product from us and the gradual change we expected is taking place. Thus our number of customers has increased”.

“We are not seeing any downside by making the move to healthy eating and will continue to introduce Star ChoiceTM registered products”, said Mr Griffiths.

The Centre offers an extensive range of healthy food and drink choices available, and these are listed below.

 Zack's Café Menu


Menu Item

Improvements made


Using a Star ChoiceTM registered beef burger and adding lettuce, tomato, cucumber and carrot. Egg, lean bacon
and onion are optional extras

Quiche and salad


Pies and sausage rolls

Using a Star ChoiceTM registered range of pies and
sausage rolls

Hot dogs

Using a Star ChoiceTM registered hot dog frankfurts

Fresh sandwiches, rolls and wraps and toasted sandwiches

Selection of lean chicken, beef or ham.
Standard salad includes tomato, cucumber and lettuce; optional fillings include cheese, beetroot, onion, avocado, pineapple and egg.
Choice of wholemeal, multigrain or white bread


Fresh seasonal fruit available

Cakes and muffins

Offer low fat muffins and cakes made on premises


Only offer smaller size chocolates, ranging from 12g to
23g sizes

Potato crisps

Only offer small packets of corn chips

Ice creams

Offer a range of Star ChoiceTM registered ice creams


Menu Item

Improvements made


Offer both 350ml and 600ml sizes
Placed in a more prominent position in the fridge

Flavoured milks

Offer a range of Star ChoiceTM registered flavoured milks, including chocolate, spearmint, strawberry, mocha and coffee

Soft drinks

Reduced the range of carbonated beverages available

Fruit juices

Introduced Star ChoiceTM registered fruit juices


Offer a 98% fruit juice Star ChoiceTM registered slushy. The slushies are a very popular beverage in the summer months

Other beverages

Introduced an additional small drink display fridge with Star ChoiceTM registered products including 500ml fruit flavoured waters, 250ml / 375ml long life flavoured milks and 250ml iced tea

Range of coffees, tea and Milo

All made with reduced fat milk


Click here to download a PDF of this case study

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