Step_1, Check your menu
Step_2, Winning menus
Step_3, Winning preparation
Step_4, Winning recipes
Step_5, Sell more of the best
Step_6, Learning from others
Step_7, Telling the world
Step_8, Making your changes last
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8 Steps to making your food service healthier and your customers happier

Check your menu

This is a simple assessment of your menu using the traffic light system we have provided.

Winning menus

We show you how to identify food and drink items that could be altered or added. Your Star ChoiceTM Buyer’s Guide will help you select a healthier alternative or a new product.

Winning Preparation

We show you how to simply make common food and drink options into healthier choices.

Winning Recipes

If you prepare food on the premises then we give you some alternative ingredient options to improve your standard recipes.

Selling more of the best

Smart marketing of your food service can have a great impact on the food and drink choices that people make.

Learning from others

Many food services have already successfully upgraded their menus. We will give you some examples to inspire you and provide ideas you can incorporate at your food service.

Telling the world

Advertising and marketing your food service will promote your club and encourage sales from the food service.

Making your changes last

Make all your positive changes last by having a healthy food and drink policy. We have written a template for you to use.


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