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1.   It shows your venue has what it takes to encourage healthier eating.

2.   It helps to encourage other venues and patrons to try similar ideas.

There are many ways you can broadcast your achievements:

•    Tell your customers through your sport club newsletter or website.

•    Tell “key influencers” by sending a letter to your local Member of Parliament,

your Division of General Practice, local schools and your sports association.

•    Tell the state and local media (we shall show you how in a moment).

•    Tell us. That’s right, we want to hear about your achievements so we can also

tell others. In fact, we have a Send Feedback section for this purpose. Please tell us about your successes (and failures because we often learn a lot from what didn’t work).

Media Release

The media can be fickle, concentrating on stories that interest them at the time. Through all this, it is the local newspaper or radio station that prefers to concentrate on what is happening in their own back yard. A good news story about healthy sport clubs and kids is one story they do like to cover.

We have provided two examples of media releases you can personalise to suit your food service. If you would like any help in getting your media release out to the local media then please call us on our Helpline on 9264 8147 or email

Tips to remember when you are dealing with the media:

•    Provide at least two (2) weeks notice of your food service launch.

•    Provide an opportunity for a photograph. A “photo-opportunity” increases the

chances of getting your story into a newspaper. For example, you can invite your local MP to launch the canteen with its new menu. Have children around because they make wonderful photograph opportunities. Ensure you have written permission from the parent/guardian for the child’s photo to be in the paper or on a website.

•    Nominate a spokesperson from your club to be available for an interview, such

as the club president or the food service manager.

•    If you know a local high-profile athlete, ask them if they can speak to the media

on your behalf.

•    Include the date, time, location (and the best place to park), and your mobile

phone number on the media release so that journalists or photographers know where to come and how to contact you.

•    If a photographer is not available to attend your event, be sure to provide them

with a good colourful photograph to use. One of the parents is likely to be good with a camera and will happily email a couple of shots to a journalist.

•    If you are including important dates or locations bold them so that the

information stands out. Double check the information is correct.

Some example media releases for an imaginary club called the Powerup Sports Club are provided. You are welcome to insert your club or association details, canteen information and quotes to make it relevant to your club. We have provided these to give you an idea of what is required in a media release. Click on the links below to download the media release templates.

•    Media Release Template 1

•    Media Release Template 2

Contact us before you send out your media release

Remember to contact WASCA and let us know if you are planning to send out a media release, as we can give any extra help you may need.

We are happy to be a point of contact for the media. We suggest you contact WASCA first on 9264 8147 or email and send us a copy of your media release. That way we can be familiar with the positive work of the club and will be able
to answer questions from the media.

Looking for your local community newspaper to send them your media release?

Click here for local community newspaper contact details.


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