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Your customers need to know that you are offering healthier food and drinks from your food service. Here are some ways to let your them know the good news.

•    Have a sign at the gates where spectators and cars come in telling them about

special deals and the location of the food and drinks.

•    Prominently display healthy sandwiches, rolls and wraps.

Wrap your sandwiches, rolls and wraps in clear plastic wrap and display in a small fridge on the counter in a primary position or in the main fridge in a clearly visible position. Make them prominent on the menu board.

Healthy Meal Deals

•    Offer meal deals or combo’s with a choice of a healthy sandwich, roll or wrap

and a bottle of water or fruit juice. Make sure that the deal is value for money as customers will quickly work out if it is not.

•    If your club has a newsletter, tell the readers about the healthier choices on

offer at the food service and include a tear-out voucher giving the holder a special deal. (You see, you can use the same ideas that the fast food industry does). Great for promoting the Healthy Meal Deals mentioned above.

•    Offer healthy muffins with coffee or tea in a special deal for parents and


When parents and spectators order their coffee or tea use this as an opportunity to sell healthy fruit muffins. There are a number of healthier options in the Buyer’s Guide to choose from. If you have the capacity and equipment within your venue, why not trial recipes from the Canteen Cuisine cookbook? See the Resources section for an order form.


•    Fruit is a very popular choice if promoted well. Fruit is ideal for athletes as it has

the carbohydrate needed for muscle fuel. The banana and apple are always a favourite. Ensure they have a prominent position on the counter with clear signage for name and price, and where children can easily see it.

•    If fruit is always available it will send clear messages about healthy eating

behaviours and the benefits of eating fruit.

•    Seek a discount or donation from a local fruit and vegetable supplier in return

for advertising within the canteen premises or on the events program, newsletters or noticeboards.

•    Rotating the variety of fruit on offer will encourage customers to try different

fruits and not get ‘bored’ with the same fruit each time they visit your canteen. Fresh seasonal fruit from a local supplier will be at the most attractive price. Try sliced watermelon and rockmelon in the summer months.


•    If you have a contract with a beverage company, enquire whether there is

company signage available for the display fridge that promotes healthier beverages, for example water or fruit juice, instead of soft drink signage.

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