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Selecting healthier food and drinks

First, let us introduce you to an excellent resource for selecting new foods to put on your menu.

The Star Choice™ Buyer’s Guide includes a very wide range of nearly 1000 healthier food and drinks, inclu-ding the supplier or distributor. The Buyer’s Guide is reprinted twice every year. It is also updated online as new products are registered.

What products are in the Buyer’s Guide?

Star ChoiceTM assess products for their fat, salt (sodium), fibre and sugar content before they are accepted. A registered product will remain listed while it meets our nutrient criteria. Some of the food and drink categories also include a requirement for
a minimum level of a specific mineral. For example,

milk and yoghurt must have a minimum amount of calcium. Some categories will have a maximum portion size and/or kilojoule limits. It should not be assumed that a larger size of the same product meets the criteria for registration. An example of the criteria is provided below using category 4.5 for plain and flavoured yoghurts.



Total fat (g)

Calcium (mg)

Maximum single
portion size


Plain or flavoured

450kJ or less
per 100g

2g or less
per 100g

100mg or more
per 100g


No added

Food and drinks listed in the Star Choice™ Buyer's Guide >


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