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Perth Hockey Stadium

Perth Hockey Stadium is one of the leading hockey venues in Australia. It is located at Curtin University and seats up to 4000 people.

The bar and a basic canteen are open seven days a week, and full food services are available during carnivals and on the week-end. The stadium has a full commercial kitchen with a connected function centre.

The menu is bursting with choices catego-rised “Green”, including fresh sandwiches,

rolls and Turkish rolls. All are filled with lean meats including ham, beef, chicken, egg, reduced fat cheese and salads. The stadium increased the varieties of sandwiches, rolls and Turkish rolls from 4 to 14.

The stadium also offers toasted sandwiches, lean hamburgers and chicken burgers using salad and Star ChoiceTM registered burger patties. During winter months soup is on the menu, with a variety including pumpkin, minestrone, chicken and corn and spicy pump-kin. All soups are served with a wholemeal bread roll.

A major change that the hockey stadium made was reducing the serve size of hot chips at junior hockey events.

The Catering Manager cooks up his famous curries, including a beef, lamb and chicken curry with vegetables which is served with rice and pappadams. The recipes are approved by the WA School Canteen Association Inc. and are rated as Green.

Lasagne is also made on site, using low fat mince and reduced fat cheese, and served with salad. The recipe is approved by the WA School Canteen Association Inc. and rated as Green.

Why was the hockey stadium so successful?

To offer healthier food and drinks the stadium placed
a big focus on promotion. A new cold display fridge (salad bar) was installed and although the cost was
a significant outlay it increased the sales of healthy food and drinks and has paid off! The salad bar no doubt made the healthier choices very convenient and in a position that was easy to reach and allowed quick access. The salad bar also made it easier to sell the

healthier choices as they were highly visible and promoted well. They sold themselves!

A new menu board was also installed and focused on promoting the healthier food and drink choices. Promotion included using Fuel to go, go, go. posters, which were placed around the stadium, and green apple “shelf talkers” highlighted the healthier foods and drinks.

Over the course of 2008 while improvements were being made to the menu, profits increased by 11%.

Perth Hockey Stadium found that strong marketing and promotion of their healthy food and drinks choices helped to sell them. They positioned the healthy choices so they were easy to see, made the healthy choices more affordable and made the healthy options suitable for the customers and the weather.

They found that by offering healthy choices they were capturing new customers who previously may not have purchased from the food outlet.

For more information on the impressive changes the Perth Hockey Stadium have made to offer healthier choices, please contact:

Kate Main
Perth Hockey WA
Profile and Branding Manager
Phone: 9351 4313

Click here to download a PDF of this case study

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