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Foods and drinks that will be available and promoted every day


Fresh is an excellent choice. Bananas are very popular with athletes.
Includes frozen fruit, canned fruit and fruit in plastic containers


Fresh, frozen or canned varieties, and salads (if you have salads use only
a small amount of dressing or use a reduced-fat dressing)


Cooked or canned beans including bean mix, baked beans (reduced salt),
kidney beans


A variety of bread types including wholegrain, wholemeal, high fibre white,
raisin or fruit toast, English muffins and wholemeal crumpets

Dairy products

Reduced fat milk (eg Hilo, skim), flavoured milk, plain or flavoured yoghurt
(reduced fat), reduced fat hard cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese

Sandwich fillings

Lean meats, egg, reduced fat cheese, skin free chicken, tuna, canned
spaghetti (reduced salt), baked beans (reduced salt), Vegemite, creamed
corn/corn kernels. Many of these sandwiches can also include salad

Lean meats,
fish, poultry and alternatives

Lean ham, skin free chicken meat, fish including varieties canned in spring

Hot foods

Jaffles/hot rolls/toasted sandwiches, baked potatoes, rice, soup, meals such as curry and rice and pasta dishes that are Star ChoiceTM registered* or approved by the Heart Foundation Tick program


Scones, pikelets, cheese sticks, bread sticks, water crackers, rice cakes, rice crackers, popcorn (plain/low fat/flavoured), plain dried fruit, seed packs, snacks that are Star ChoiceTM registered* or approved by the
Heart Foundation Tick program

Fruit juices

250mL sizes of 100% fruit juice with no added sugar


Plain water

*Or the product meets the nutritional criteria for Star ChoiceTM registration

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