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Gloucester Park

The WA Trotting Association is leading the way in healthy food and drink choices at Gloucester Park.

Racing is held every Friday night through-out the year. The venue operates two snack outlets, three restaurants, a private Club, a Member’s facility, a Committee room, three function rooms and three private boxes. A large range of healthy choices are now always available at each outlet.

Gloucester Park expanded their range of

fresh sandwiches, baguettes and wraps. Fillings include lean meats such as ham, beef and chicken, egg, reduced fat cheese and salads. Salad plates, sushi and toasted sandwiches are also offered.

Hamburgers, vegetarian burgers and fish burgers are made using Star ChoiceTM regis-tered patties and plenty of salad. Pastries are still offered but Star ChoiceTM registered ones are now sold. Soup is also on the menu in the colder months, and different varieties are rotated. Freshly prepared fruit salad is also a staple on the menu.

Gloucester Park made the bold move to remove ALL confectionery from one of its food outlets.

An expanded range of 100% fruit juice (250mL) was introduced, and repositioned to a more prominent position in the fridge in consultation with the company who supplied the fridge. Star ChoiceTM registered Slushies were also introduced.

Gloucester Park removed ALL sports drinks.

Only a SMALL size of hot chips is offered at one of the food outlets.

The chefs worked to improve the recipes. Reduced fat dairy and reduced salt ingredients are used, more vegetables are added to the hot dishes, and the portion sizes have been reduced.

What have Gloucester Park learnt on their journey?

•    To appease regular clientele, consistency in product is essential. Only produce

quantities and varieties of product that can be maintained.

•    Food presentation and placement is integral to food sales.

•    Customers perceive ‘fresh’ food to be better than pre-packaged food.

•    Seasonal food offers variety and fulfils the expectations of our customers

–    More soup in winter

–    More fruit salad, sushi and fresh sandwiches, baguettes and wraps in summer

Tips from the horses mouth:

•    The younger generation look for healthy alternatives when visiting fast food outlets.

Provide it and they will buy it!

•    A menu with foods that are cooked with little oil are low in fat and/or salt are the 

norm in most households today.

•    Today’s customers expect these types of foods

•    When creating new recipes or sourcing new products always refer to the Star

ChoiceTM Buyer’s Guide

•    Implement a continuous improvement program to receive feedback on catering and


•    Being aware of a problem and addressing the problem when it occurs creates happier


Click here to download a PDF of this case study

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