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Fresh 'n Go Bars (Ascot and Belmont Racecourses)

The first Fresh ‘n Go Bar opened for business at Ascot Racecourse in October 2005 and was so successful that a second bar was opened at the winter race-course at Belmont. In no time they were out-selling another food service that were offering the fattier choices of fast food. The message was clear – if you make good food easy to buy, at an affordable price, the customers will line up.

The bars offered the following range of healthy food and drinks:


Menu Item

Improvements made

Fresh rolls and sandwiches

Offer a variety of bread types including wholemeal, multigrain and rye. A selection of ham, beef or chicken with salad options including avocado

Fresh gourmet salads


Fresh fruit salad

Fresh and seasonal produce


Menu Item

Improvements made


Placed in a prominent position in the fridge

100% fruit juice

Introduced a range of Star ChoiceTM registered fruit juices

Coffee and tea

Using reduced fat milk

On course, you can now buy fresh salad sand-wiches and rolls, fresh gourmet salads, fresh fruit and a range of healthier drinks.

Across from the Fresh ‘n Go bar there is a general food outlet selling regular pies, sausage rolls, deep fried foods, sausages, cakes and soft drink. In the year from October 2004 to October 2005, before Ascot Fresh ‘n Go bars were running, this general food outlet turned over $73,240.

However, during the following summer racing carnival from October 2005 to April 2006, the new Ascot Fresh ‘n Go bar was introduced and turned over a huge $50,910 compared to the general food outlet which turned over $39,634.

The Fresh ‘n Go bars were so successful that Perth Racing set up a Fresh ‘n Go bar at its winter venues at Belmont Park. The Fresh ‘n Go bars are increasing in popularity each year. The recent turnover figures showed that during summer 2007 up until June 2007 the Fresh ‘n Go bars made an astounding $94,033.

“Since the Fresh ‘n Go health bar opened for business at Ascot Racecourse in October 2005, racing patrons have well and truly backed the range of healthy food on offer to the extent that its profits have more than doubled in just 18 months”. (Healthway News, July 2007)

“We have been delighted with the popularity and support from racing patrons for this initiative”, said Perth Racing’s CEO Alasdair Robertson.

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