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Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club

The historical surf life saving club is res-ponsible for patrolling 4km of coastline, the longest in Western Australia. The club felt it was very important to provide healthy and nutritious food to fuel their members. The club is completely run by volunteers and has basic equipment including a BBQ, fridge, freezer and a small amount of bench space.

The canteen introduced fresh rolls made with ham, reduced fat cheese and salad. They also offered hot foods including raisin

toast and hamburgers using a Star ChoiceTM registered burger patty and salad. The patrol members are now provided with a complimentary ham and salad roll with a bottle of water, which replaced the traditional sausage sizzle and can of soft drink.

The club has very supportive members who not only support the healthy changes in the canteen but also place requests for new healthy items. The canteen received requests from their younger members for Green rated icy poles instead of Red ice creams. The kids buy the fruit based icy poles at their school canteens, and then started asking for them at the club.

The club reduced the range of Red drinks, now only carrying a few lines of soft drinks and sports drinks.

Profits increased by 13% from 2007 to 2008. The club were very happy with the move to offer healthier choices and have continued to provide the Fremantle surf life saving community with healthier options when they visit the canteen over summer.

The club’s success can be attributed to a few key points:

•    Changes were made with no advertising and no fuss – and their customers were

happy with these changes.

•    The club used the Star ChoiceTM Buyer’s Guide which made it easy to find healthier


•    The club made small and progressive changes to the menu.

For further information on the Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club’s journey to improving the menu and offering a range of healthier foods and drinks, please contact:

Belinda Kuster
Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club
Director of House
Fremantle Surf Life Saving Club
Phone: 0411 886 552

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