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Fremantle Hospital

The Fremantle Hospital made changes com-mencing 1 January 2008 using the Traffic Light System. They set out to meet the Department of Health standards and provide a minimum of 60% green food and drinks,
30% amber food and drinks and a maximum of 10% red foods and drinks.

The kiosk started with small changes by switching from full cream milk to reduced fat milk, from regular cheese to reduced fat cheese, introducing reduced fat meats, high fibre bread and light margarine.

Several new products were then introduced, including sushi which has achieved spectacular sales over $2000 per week. Pies and hamburgers are still available, but these have been chosen exclusively from Star ChoiceTM Buyer’s Guide. All the pies and sausage rolls are sold at the same price to make serving more efficient. The end result has been a higher turnover, meaning more funds available to the hospital.

“Initially we had many complaints from our customers and January and February sales were slow, thereafter new monthly sales records were set nearly every month and over the full calendar year sales increased by a healthy 12.3%”, said Tony Nella, Coordin-ator, Fremantle Hospital Ladies Auxiliary.

Everyone has been a winner with the new canteen. Let’s have a look at the healthy options on their menu.


Menu Item

Improvements made

Chicken salad trays

Using a Star ChoiceTM registered skin free chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, carrot and onion

Large range of fresh sandwiches, rolls and wraps

Selection of lean meats and salads including lettuce, tomato, carrot and cucumber. Optional fillings include beetroot, avocado or onion


Introduced sushi and it has now become one of the best sellers

Hamburgers and
Chicken Strip burgers

Using a Star ChoiceTM registered beef patty and sweet chilli chicken strips with added lettuce, tomato, and reduced fat mayonnaise


Star ChoiceTM registered pies introduced, and previous range


Introduced a range of Star ChoiceTM registered reduced fat yoghurts


Only ten smaller size chocolates offered, ranging in size from 14g to 22g


Menu Item

Improvements made


Increased the volume of water stocked in the fridge and moved it to a more prominent position

Fruit juices

Introduced a range of Star ChoiceTM registered 100% fruit juices in 250ml and 375ml sizes

Flavoured milks

Expanded their range of Star ChoiceTM registered flavoured milks

Soft drinks

Limited range of diet soft drinks offered and size capped at 390ml

Coffee and tea

Using a reduced fat milk


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