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The following food and drinks are listed in the Star Choice™ Buyer's Guide
and are suitable for a wide range of venues

•    Breads, cereals, rice, pasta and noodles

•    Vegetables and vegetable products

•    Fruit and fruit products

•    Dairy products and dairy alternatives including

o    flavoured milk and reduced fat plain milk

o    dairy desserts and yoghurt

o    reduced fat cheese

o    smoothies and shakes

o    soy beverages

•    Meat and meat alternatives including

o    sausages, hamburger patties and hot dog frankfurts

o    luncheon meat (e.g. lean ham and chicken)

•    Hot and cold convenience pre-prepared dishes including

o    soups

o    pizzas

o    pies and sausage rolls

o    pasta and noodle dishes

o    prepared salads

o    sushi

•    Snack foods including

o    muffins, cakes and biscuits

o    crisps, oven baked potato chips, hash browns, potato


o    dairy based ice creams and frozen yoghurts

o    fruit based icy poles

o    muesli bars, breakfast bars, cereal bars

•    Water and flavoured waters

Have you considered catering for special dietary requirements? Refer to the Anaphylaxis Australia information, also listed in the Resources and Order Forms sections of this website.

Product and Recipe Assessment

If there are any products not listed in the Buyer’s Guide that you think should be there,
or if you have recipes that you would like to use at your venue, the WA School Canteen Association Inc. can assess the product or recipe for you against standard nutritional criteria to see if it is a suitable option. All you need to do is fill out the
Product Assessment Template or Recipe Assessment Template.


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